The Longest Running Joke in 30 Rock I Never Got


30 Rock might not be getting showered with Emmys every year now like it used to. Modern Family has come along to become flavor the month (err, couple years rather), and what used to a fun and fresh quick witted comedy isn’t quite as magical as it used to be.

But I do believe in giving credit where it’s due however, and outside of some of the best one liners on TV, the show has had a few long running jokes that would make Arrested Development proud. One has been so subtle, I’ve never even noticed it until someone sent me this video. Kenneth might be the most useless character on the show (in my opinion), but I would say that to his face now that we know he’s immortal.

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  1. i remember seeing the bird episode and heard him say “that I have had for over 60 years” and blew it off like a stupid line. Now I am wondering all the other jokes that I have missed

  2. The video missed a few. Kenneth also can’t see his reflection in a mirror in one episode, and states that when he does look in a mirror, he sees only a “weird mist”–so that would suggest a vampire. Yet he lacks other distinct vampiric qualities, and can see his reflection in another episode. That may just prove an oversight. He also mentions that Shirley Temple taught him to role cigarettes, says the Today Show jumpe the shark when they got rid of the monkey, has a signed picture from a 1950s NBC player, mentions having seen Jenna’s gator commercial, etc.

    The season finale for season 5, “respawn” ended with a Kenneth monologue where he observes the other characters and asks “Jacob” for “more time with them.” So, my guess is that Kenneth’s whole old time religion bit may come from him being sent from on high, a guardian angel or something.

    Or he’s just insane.

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