The Tragedy of Making a Cancelled Show

I’m guilty of doing this as much as the next snarky media figure. You see a headline like “NBC cancels Last Caller before it airs” and you just go “hah, Dane Cook sucks,” and don’t think about it past that.

But there’s a human side to stories like this that we don’t see. Not until now, actually. In a very emotional blog post, Last Caller creator and EP Stephen Falk detailed the feelings behind a move like this. What it means to work on something so hard just to have it tossed away on the whim of a network.

It’s a pretty sad read, but will give you a better sense of how the industry works. Check out the whole things which I’ve transcribed below:

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  1. Are they not even going to put it up online? Seems kind of wasteful to not even put it up for some ad revenue. Hell, maybe they’ll adopt a Greenlight-like program like Steam to find out what audiences want to see before offering full seasons. Oh, wait, this is a major media company who refuses to do anything to save their failing business structures outside of bribing Congress. Sympathies for the little guy aside, forgive me if I enjoy watching the companies waste money.

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