An Amalgam of Sherlocks and Watsons (All Two of Them)


I very much liked the Batman and Superman face morphs which combined all the past actors who had played each into a singular face, and now the same is being done for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson via MorphThing.

Problem is, there are only two actors for each role being spliced together, so the effect isn’t quite the same. We have Robert Downey Jr. mixing with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jude Law paired with Martin Freeman. I immediately saw the TV Sherlock crew instead of the movie duo, and I swear these things are supposed to tell you who you like best in the role by which face you see instantly. You can always see the others if you look hard, but it’s like a seeing eye puzzle or something.

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  1. I call shenanigans on Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu not being included. Elementary was totally going to be the subject of my next Pleasantly Surprised column.

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