5 Movies That Make You Want To Do…Something

Let The Right One In makes me want to befriend someone who doesn’t fit in


I just realized this is another movie I can’t go into detail about, for reasons mentioned above.  However, unlike Never Let Me Go, this one is my favorite movie ever (probably) and I will recommend it at the drop of a hat.  Just make sure you have the right subtitles, because the DVD version’s are bastardized and – oh my god, do I sound like a pretentious asshole right now.

One of the takeaways from this movie (besides how unbelievably beautiful its cinematography is and oh my god, the soundtrack, and if you can point to two better child actors in a modern movie I’ll point to the hole in your skull from where you suffered a traumatic brain injury) is how so totally I would have done what Oskar did.  I would have been the kid to befriend the weird girl.  Even if she did turn out to be… slightly more than “weird”.

Um, spoiler alert?

But aside from gushing about how amazing the movie is, part of its appeal is a personal one: a motivation to make friends with an outcast.  Not out of some misguided attempt at charity or to make them normal, but as a basic, practical, logical thought process: 1. It’s hard to make connections with people.  2.  It’s even harder if you’re not intrinsically gifted at social situations, or charismatic, or emotionally intuitive, or whatever you want to call the skill set that breeds popular people.  3.  If I’m not making an effort, why should I expect anyone else to make an effort for me?  It’s pretty much that simple.

credit to wiccimm
credit to wiccimm of deviantART

Let The Right One In makes me go through that chain of reasoning every time I watch it.  And damn, is it worth watching a lot.

By the way… just in case I wasn’t already being a pretentious cliche right now… the book (same title) that it was based on is really, really good as well.

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      1. It was something that I was sure that I didn’t want to stew on and think about because it would make me sick to my stomach. I just needed something like a triple baconator with cheese to remind me why I eat meat and to put the movie out of my mind.

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