12 Recurring TV Show Jokes I’ll (Probably) Never Get Sick Of

If there’s one thing I appreciate about my favorite small-screen comedies nowadays, it’s good writing. The well-crafted gag, the expertly executed one-liner—these  things stick with you. Water cooler fodder, if that’s still a thing.

When I manage to pay attention long enough, however, my favorite joke is the recurring one. And as I sat down to compile a list of my favorites, I honestly believed there might be a common thread between them. But good news, everyone! I’m as scatterbrained as ever.

In no particular order, here’s some of the pop culture minutiae that has been amusing me for years.  

1)  Rickety Cricket – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Meet Cricket: the man who personifies the words “downward spiral.” Before getting mixed up with the Gang in season two, this guy was a (presumably) respectable priest—he had the robe and everything. Since then, his many plights have included begging in the streets, drug-dealing, getting shot in the hand, getting slashed in the throat, getting man-hunted by egomaniacal assholes, and so on. Every time Cricket makes an appearance, I realize I’d nearly forgotten about his character entirely, or how much further he continues to fall. Plus It’s Always Sunny seems to have gotten exponentially darker over the last few seasons; these guys just invent new ways for life/the Gang to screw the Street Rat over. It’s all pretty hilarious. (I should mention that I enjoy black humor, and not in a Tyler Perry sort of way.)

2)  “Boosh!” – Frisky Dingo


There’s not a whole lot for me to explain here. The word “boosh” is a terrific way to punctuate sentences, and I highly recommend using it in your day-to-day.  You’re welcome.

3)  Leonard – Community


Sometimes old people rock, and Leonard is a perfect example; he’s basically what I aspire to be as an octogenarian. His cameos are somewhat infrequent, but Leonard’s probably my favorite character on the whole damn show. I would never tell that man to shut up.

4)  “…And that’s why you always leave a note.” – Arrested Development

This is arguably one of the most intelligent comedies of the past twenty years, and holy cow, I can’t wait for new episodes to hit the webwaves. There are dozens of things to like about Arrested Development, of course, but I especially enjoy reminders of George Bluth’s ridiculous parental depravity. All life lessons should be taught with one-armed men, I say.

[Sorry, couldn’t find a good link for this one.]

5)  Ron’s superhuman alcohol tolerance – Parks and Recreation


As some of you may know, I’m sort of a Ron Swanson fan. I’m also an aspiring man, and there’s nothing manlier than drinking your friends/associates under the table whenever the need arises. Boosh!

6)  “‘Ja get that thing I sencha?” – Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law


As a habitual sender and receiver of things, I appreciate this catchphrase. And hey, as long as we’re on the subject of catchphrases…

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  1. not all of these are recurring jokes, just recurring characters. A recurring joke would be like the cast of Community humming ‘Daybreak’ throughout the show, in different episodes.

  2. I don’t know, man. Dr. Rockzo wasn’t very funny after season one. But few things bring joy to my heart like “Shut up, Leonard”.

  3. ted (the dush from HIMYM) saying “please dont” all the time when someone is having sex while he is present in the room.

    I really think ted is insane and he has no kids, he is in a mental home delirious.

  4. Oh, folks, I can watch FRISKY DINGO forever, and I’ll never get tired of any of the recurring jokes. That show was pure genius.

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