Lost Review: “Recon”


Alright Lost, you are intriguing me yet again. This week’s Sawyer-centric episode had us hanging with the Not-Locke crew and featured an alterverse episode I didn’t actually hate for once. Not bad Lost, not bad.

Not-Locke has everyone setting up camp uh, somewhere, I’m not sure exactly but it’s all full of trash and random household items. I thought it was 815’s old camp, but isn’t Team Jacob over there right now? Whatever.

This week, Not-Locke has a very special assignment for Sawyer, who has finally shown up after a two week hiatus, along with Jin who has apparently been unconscious for a solid week due to bear trap-related injuries.


“Hey, it’s better than being in a freezer right?”

Not-Locke wants Sawyer to go to Hydra Island and report back all enemy activities to him after he figures out what they have planned. Not-Locke reveals his plan that he’s going to take the Ajira plane, fill it up with his team, and fly it off the island, which for some reason I find hard to believe.

Over in otherverse, Sawyer is back to his old tricks again, pulling his old “I just banged you for so long I’m late for my fake meeting and oops is that a briefcase full of money?” trick as per usual, except we learn that wait! He’s a cop now! Dum, dum dum! (That was supposed to be dramatic music).

Naturally, his partner is Miles, who has turned from his ways of psychic detective work to real detective work. Not sure if he still has his superpower as it’s never mentioned in the episode. He sets Sawyer (errr, “Jim”) up on a date with his friend, who naturally turns out to be Charlotte, thus filling the “three cameo per alterverse episode” requirement that we seem to have.


DAMN! Civilization suits her well.

Back on the island, Sawyer has landed on Hydra and is scoping the shiny new airplane out, and he seems to believe Not-Locke is for real. He stumbles upon a pile of dead passengers, and then a woman who claims to be the last one left alive. But con-man Sawyer sees through her bullshit, and it’s revealed that she’s actually one of Widmore’s agents, whose sub is parked at a nearby dock.

Widmore tells Sawyer almost nothing about why he’s there, but Sawyer figures out pretty quick he’s come for Not-Locke. He promises to deliver Not-Locke straight into his trap so long as he and his friends get safe passage off the island.

Back to alterverse, where after a non-money-briefcase-related banging session, Charlotte stumbles upon Sawyer’s secret Sawyer file which details the murder of his parents. He kicks her out, and the next day is confronted by Miles who found out he lied about his recent vacation, where he went to Australia instead of Palm Springs. Sawyer lets him in on his secret, but just as he does so, their cruiser is slammed into by another car, and Sawyer hunts down the rogue driver who turns out to none other than Kate. Dum, dum, dum! (dramatic again).

Real-life Sawyer departs from Hydra and tells Not-Locke about Widmore’s plan. While he was away, Claire tried to stab Kate’s eyes out for stealing Aaron, while a lifeless Sayid stood by. Not-Locke kicked Claire’s ass, and by the end of the episode, she’s bear hugging Kate in tears.


Aww, look how sorry she is she tried to cut your face off!

Sawyer tells Kate his plan is to let the two island chiefs duke it out with each other, and then he and she can sneak off the island in Widmore’s sub, which he apparently believes to be easier to pilot than a jet.

It really was cool to see this flipside of Sawyer’s personality and the “had to choose between being a cop and a criminal” line was one of the season’s best. It’s also interesting to note that even though Locke’s father is allegedly not an ass in the alterverse, that he (or someone) still conned Sawyer’s parents into a murder suicide. How exactly does that work?

Also interesting was Not-Locke’s little heart to heart with Kate, where he told her about his demented mother who screwed him up a long time ago. Lots to read into there, and I almost think Not-Locke might turn out to be the good guy in all this. Though what I really want to happen is actual Locke to come from beyond the grave and take his body back in the grand finale. Not really holding my breath for that one though.


Buddha-Locke knows the way to enlightenment.

Next week! The grand Richard Alpert story! I actually though that one was just going to be left to the imagination.

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  1. i am hated this episode. the altverse parts of this season are just so frustrating, all notions that these worlds are connected have been completly abandoned as far as i can tell. Where are the connections like the weird phantom scar that jack didnt remember? the altverse appears to be just a device to waste time and reiterate things we already know about the characters. despite my bitching, i cant wait for the alpert episode next week.

  2. My wife is starting to think, and I am agreeing, that Esau isn’t really ‘the bad guy’. I know the show is setting us up for that, and there is going to be some twist come later on, but daaamn, when he put Claire in her place? I turned to my wife and said, I don’t care if he’s the bad guy, I like him.

  3. As I said a thousand times (two times) before, Not-Locke never did something bad (as the monster he only killed some bad people and okay, maybe innocent no-names), so I don’t get why so many people would associate Jacob with something good and Not-Loke with something bad!?

    But actually now, as he officially acts friendly and tells people the truth who he is ect., I rather tend to think he turns out to be a bad guy. If there is one. I mean if they all have good reasons maybe nobody is fundamentally bad, that would be cool too I think.

  4. I think we all just need a little patience with the “flash-sideways.” In the end, i’m sure there’s going to be a big reveal that shows how important it really is.

    Until then, I like them for the character development. Marker, the characters are fairly different in the alternate timeline, so I don’t know how you could say that they just reiterate what we already know about them. These alternate timeline stories have the characters making different choices than they normally would.

  5. Richard centric episode?
    OMG, you’re kidding me right?
    as you said, i though this one was left for our imagination!
    man this is gonna be so awesome!!!!

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