10 of the Most Entertaining Videos of Steven Segal


For over 25 years, Steven has brought an unparalleled passion for the arts that few can match. His deep spiritual roots are an integral part of his movies, his music, his martial arts expertise and his genuine love and care for others. From humble beginnings in Detroit, Michigan to finding his cultural center in Japan, to an acting career launched in 1988, to a flourishing music career and his involvement with Save A Million Lives, an AIDS project in Africa – this is Steven Seagal.

Sure I guess I can agree with this and yes, Steven Seagal can kick my ass.  He can kick most of your asses.  But come on, let’s face it.  As much as the serious philanthropic, acting, and musical accomplishments are there, Seagal is pure unadulterated comedy.

And if you disagree, then these ten videos might change your mind

Seagal Runs Like A Girl

Seagal Claims He’s God in an Interview


Seagal Goes Shopping

Steven’s Got Hoes

Psychic Simon

Seagal on Merv Griffin


One of his best moments Ever


Steven Seagal Vs. Balls


The Dozen Nut Kick

Girl It’s Alright

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