10 Interesting Interpretations of The Imperial March


Perhaps one of the most recognizable themes in movie history,  The Imperial March or sometimes referred to as “Darth Vader’s Theme” by John Williams will always be a staple in any fan of the Star Wars series.

It’s negative tone and almost ominous feel make the audience realize something evil is afoot.  And I must admit, God it sticks in your head after you hear it doesn’t it?

Well, just like folks have tinkered with the theme of Super Mario Brothers all these years, plenty have messed with the Imperial March.

Here are 10 pretty interesting versions of the Imperial March

On A Scanner

Beloit Jansville Symphony Orchestra

Metallica Imperial March

Rage Against the Machine Mix


The Hand Fart Imperial March

Darth Vader DJ Remix

Techno Remix

Star Wars Floppy Drive

Deathmetal Version

Imperial March War Rock


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  1. Don´t you think now that it exists, the Epica version (from The Classical Conspiracy album) is, obviously and objectively, one of the best interpretations?


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