15 Beautiful Women Who Played Cleopatra

This is a totally new one to me but did you know that one of the most played characters in the history of cinema is Cleopatra?  We’re looking at well over 50 renditions of the famous Egyptian goddess.   I can only imagine how many times she’s been depicted on stage and not to mention symbolized in film.

I honestly had no idea.   And we’re talking years and years of this.   Dating back to the 30s women have been portraying this character in a number of different ways and fashions.

I decided to list 15 that were exceptionally good looking.  Enjoy the gallery after the jump…

Thanks to Listal for the photos

Lindsey Marshal

Alessandra Negrini

Monica Bellucci

Leonor Varela

Janet Suzman

Amanda Barrie

Pascale Petit

Piper Laurie

One is more beautiful than the next….

  • bulba

    Okok, I’ma let you finish but Elizabeth Taylor had one of the most iconic Cleopatra faces ever! ;o

  • Jared

    You forgot a very important one. Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Jared

    Sorry didn’t see the that there was a second page.

  • John

    Serious movie or not, you forgot Julia Taylor!

  • Drester

    Bellucci wins!

  • Comfortable Madness

    Leonor Varela….WOW!

  • VonMelee

    You know that Cleopatra wasn’t a goddess, right? And that she was actually a very plain looking woman of Greek descent.


  • Jolly

    I met Amanda Barrie about twenty years ago and I have to say that even at the age of 55 she was staggeringly beautiful.

    @VonMelee and how do you know that she was a very plain woman? And what has her being of Greek descent (if indeed she was) got to do with anything?

  • Kimberly Temple

    I had no idea Viven Leigh played Cleopatra! Wow……I’d love to see some of these films, I never knew Cleopatra had been played so much! Interesting! ^_^

  • I keep looking up (not down) from the caption expecting to see the associated photo.

  • Datou

    Lindsay Marshall was mesmerizing! Vivian Leigh takes the silver.

  • pete j

    Amanda Barrie for me, Taylor looked overweight and the beginning of a double chin. She did age very early.

  • me

    Only white women who played a role of the egypt queen,this is kinda weird. Leonor Varela is more exotic and pretty

  • sm17

    Why is every woman on this list that played the beautiful Egyptian queen pale, frumpy and ugly? Do your actual research (and not just European opinion) on what Cleopatra truly looked like then revamp your list. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!

    • Meriven

      You are an ignoramus and a bigot! Cleopatra was a Macedonian and she would have looked European. Learn something before you start mouthing off. Moron!

  • Zaggnita

    Wow wait…. Vivien Leigh did Cleopatra?! Where do I find that movie?

  • J. Morris

    You should include


    in the 1953 movie “Serpent of the Nile”.

  • Roberto Ruiz

    The picture of Gene Tierney is from the film “The Egyptian”, and the name of the character is Baketamon, not Cleopatra