You’ve Been Out-Cosplayed, Son

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Another year, another time I don’t get to go to SDCC. Sigh. Someday damnit! Until my plans fell through I was trying to think what costume I might dress up in should I go. Then I decided that would be the worst idea ever, my reasoning best demonstrated by this picture. In short, people take this stuff SERIOUSLY. If you’ve been around my site at all the past few years, you’ve seen the lengths people go to craft accurate costumes for cons like these. And SDCC? It’s the biggest of all.

So while I might think it’d be cool to show up as a homemade Ezio for Assassin’s Creed (though how do I get all those blades on a plane?), I’d undoubtedly look like some douche in a bathrobe when pro cosplayer Ezio shows up in his authentic leather pauldrons made in Italy. I don’t want to end up on my own “cosplay fail” post, which I undoubtedly would.

Maybe next year…

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  1. Hey I went to Sakura Con once not dressed up at all. Yeah, kinda lame, but I wasn’t the only one not dressed up, so it wasn’t so bad!

  2. Hey, I cosplay either way. Sure, my Vocaloid costume doesnt look as good as the supermodel Miku with the light-up skirt, sleeves, socks, ect, but I go out there and do it anyways. Its for fun, not everything has to be a competition. Yeah, there are some extremely serious cosplayers out there, but not all of us have the money for that kind of stuff. And if they go and bitch out someone cuz of how “lame” their costume is, I’d shove their money down their throat. Its all fun and games. Unless you have the confidence to join the cosplay contest…thats a different story.

  3. It’s not a fail. In fact, the clearly better Iron Man costume’s wearer is probably proud of the other one and happy to see it. 🙂 Cosplay isn’t really about looking great in the eyes of the the average con-goer, it’s about display of fandom, and being proud to show off what you like. Long story short… unless it actually physically looks BAD on you, you’re fine, and should do it.

  4. It really is a rough competition to cosplay these days. Especially if you’re female.

    If you’re not OMG drop-dead gorgeous, skinny with big boobs, you’re going to get flamed no matter what kind of costume you make or buy.

    I’ve seen it on this site a lot.

    Which is why I’ll stick to my local cons so I’ll never make it into the big galleries. It’s safer there, lol.

  5. @thatgamergirl, you are absolutely right. I bring my son to the convention in Boston. He’s five and on his third one. Our first convention he wore (more than happily I might add) his homemade Batman costume that my mother made him. She used grey kids sweats and put somewhat shiny blue fabric for the undies, gloves, mask and cape. It was legit in all details but utterly homemade like every costume on Halloween I owned as a kid. He by far was the happiest person in costume at the entire show. Even the adults with professional Hollywood made costumes were acting stuck up and miserable. He was the embodiment of what it’s suppose to be about. Every single person there ate him up and had to have pictures with, artists included. There were woman there with barely anything on and physically ‘perfect’ but they were miserable whenever someone would look at them. The guy on the right is clearly the better cosplay. He made that from his heart. Not everyone has the money and time to make perfect replicas, and they shouldn’t need to to have respect.

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