Who Are the Most Popular Superheroes on TV?

One of the most interesting trends on television right now is superhero shows, which have gained such massive popularity. Once seen as a niche market, shows about incredible characters with extraordinary powers are now definitely in the mainstream.

There are a number of theories as to why superheroes are now as popular on the small screen as in cinemas. Some people claim that it is due to us living in troubled times, while others simply believe that many of the current generation of directors and producers grew up in the golden age of comic books and graphic novels.

Whatever the reason is, there is no denying that superhero shows are everywhere now. Who are the most popular characters and how is the presence of so many powerful superheroes influencing pop culture right now?

X-Men Shows

The success of numerous X-Men movies in recent years has led to several TV shows being based on these characters. Legion on the Fox network features the main character of mutant David Haller. He is the son of Charles Xavier and in the first season, we saw him confused and on the run from authorities.

The success and critical acclaim of the first series led to a second season being commissioned. Another show linked to the X-Men is The Gifted. The overall impact of the superhero trend has been seen in other ways too. A good example is with the number of games that are based on them. There is an X-Men slot and a Wolverine game from Playtech that both feature the characters from the movies. Meanwhile, you will also find that the likes of X-O Manowar and Super Heroes bring a superhero vibe to Betsafe’s online video slots.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

This show from ABC is based on the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization from Marvel Comics. The fact that it is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe means that fans can follow how the action here links in to the movies. Phil Coulson is the main character, with Clark Gregg taking on the same role that he has played in the movies by investigating strange cases. This show led to a short-lived spin-off called Marvel’s Most Wanted.

A trip to the online Marvel Store reveals a huge range of clothing, books, and accessories. It all goes to show that superheroes are now a massive money-spinner for the people behind them, as fans buy products with their favorite characters. This also leads to lucrative tie-ins with other brands such as Lego, Coca-Cola and Google.

DC’s Heroes of Tomorrow

Another hit TV show based on these fictional characters is called Heroes of Tomorrow. It is based on DC Comics’ characters and appears on The CW network. The action takes place in the same fictional universe as Arrow and The Flash.

At the time of writing, it is in its third series and has proved to be successful with viewers. The second season has received more critical acclaim than the first, suggesting that it may well be on an upward curve.

The current trend for superhero TV shows makes it clear that we can’t get enough of these characters. Whether it due to a form of escapism from our daily routines or some sort of longing for justice and an easy to understand the world of heroes and villains, there is no sign of these shows going away anytime soon.

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