The Confusing Timeline of Arrested Development Season Four Unraveled At Last


If you’ve been following my thoughts on Netflix’s resurrection of Arrested Development, you’ll know that I loved with two caveats. The first was how often and how widely they split up the cast from one another, the second was the confusing timelines which spanned five years often in the course of a single episode, making it impossible to keep track of what was happening when.

Well, now that the dust has settled, the folks over at Masspire have gone through the season to excavate the timeline so we may understand it better. There are four main time-groups, the first being right after the boat party, the second 6-7 months later at Lucille’s trial, the third 4.5 years later at the Opies and the fourth 5 years later at Cinco de Cuatro, which the entire show was building toward.

Even untangled, it’s still a lot to get through, but you’ll want to take a look at their massive unscrambled timeline below. It doesn’t clear everything up, but it’s a start. If the rumors are true and Arrested really does come back for another season after this, I hope they do away with the years-long timeline and stick to something more localized.

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