Where are They Now? The Cast Of Family Ties

I’m not sure if any of you out there watch The HUB network.  If you do you know how awesome it is.  If you don’t then you should start watching.   For a while now the 9pm-10pm hour is fantastic.  First an episode of The Wonder Years and then an episode of Doogie Howser.   And for good measure they went through most of Family Ties this year too.

Which got me thinking.   What is the cast up to these days?  Reason I even thought of it is because I spotted Michael Gross on Curb your Enthusiasm which was pretty awesome.

But what happened to the rest of them???

Meredith Baxter – Elyse Keaton

As you may or may not not Meredith Baxter became a virtual queen of Lifetime and “for women” type of movies.  I guess her strong nature character Elyse lent itself to women empowerment or something.  She’s still going strong doing television.  She even resurrected her role as Elyse Keaton on Family Guy.

Michael Gross –  Steven Keaton

Did you know in high school Michael Gross was involved in a gang?  How about that?  So what has Gross done since Family Ties?  He’s still acting. Plenty of bit parts on TV and in movies.  As I said before most recently he plays a dermatologist on Curb your Enthusiasm.  He looks exactly the same except for the white hair.

Michael J. Fox – Alex P. Keaton

As many of us know Fox as Parkinson’s disease and he’s been the number one advocate for stopping the disease for a very long time now.   I’m sure it’s been extremely tough on he and his family and clearly we hope that the diseases finds a cure soon.

Justine Bateman – Mallory Keaton

I always thought that Bateman would have tried a different career or something but I guess TV pays the bills.  Since Family Ties she’s made over 40 appearances on TV and small bits on movies.   I guess that’s enough.

Tina Yothers – Jennifer Keaton

Does anyone know what the hell she’s up to now?  I know she tried to be in some awful band back in 2000.   Latest I heard is that she was pregnant in 2007.   Alright sir.

Brian Bonsall – Andrew Keaton

Remember when Bonsall popped up out of nowhere to reveal he was in some psychotic band?  The last TV appearance he had was in 1994.   Right now he’s basically getting in trouble with the law a lot. On December 11, 2009, Bonsall was charged in Colorado with second-degree assault after police say he repeatedly hit a friend in the head with a broken wooden stool in a bar brawl on December 5. On February 19, 2010, Bonsall was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana in violation of his probation. On April 9, 2010, Bonsall pleaded guilty to menacing and third degree assault in connection with the bar brawl in Colorado and was sentenced to two years’ probation.

Marc Price – Skippy

Currently Price works as a production manager and is more of a behind the scenes guy.   He was doing stand up for a while and wasn’t even remotely funny.   He’s still not funny and I think he’s a tool.   Thank you.

Scott Valentine – Nick Moore

Valentine definitely had a decent little career going for a while but has since slowed down.  He does an occasional spot here and there and does voiceovers now.

*and yes Courteney Cox was on the show a while but I wouldn’t consider her a regular like the others.

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  1. Courtney Cox was as much a regular as Scott Valentine. Maybe not for as many seasons, but she was a regular, opening credits cast member for the last two seasons. (Scott Valentine was never listed in the opening credits.)

  2. @Kayode:
    I really doubt it. Worf wasn’t a black guy, he was a Klingon. The race of the actor playing his son is immaterial, since they’re BOTH not really what they’re made up to be. It’s not “blackfacing”, it’s “ridgeheading” or something.

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