When Skyrim Developers Get Free Reign


A few hundred hours later and I’m finally done with Skyrim, but to MAKE the game it took a team working thousands and thousands of hours to put it all together.

But Bethesda did something rather cool. After the game officially wrapped, they gave everyone a week to do whatever they wanted with the game. That could mean upping graphics, or adding new modes of gameplay, and this video is a collection of all the work they did.

There are subtle things like seasonal weather and rippling water, and then there’s pure badassery in the form of flaming horses, spear wielding and dragon mounts. DRAGON MOUNTS! Bethesda says it’s possible that any of this stuff could make it into future DLC, and we can only hope that turns out to be true.

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  1. Amazing. I seriously hope that some of this stuff ends up at DLC or (in the case of environment and ambient tweaks) patches.

    The entire mod scene that’s sprouting up for Skyrim really makes me regret picking it up for 360. My initial rationale of “buying it for console means I can comfortably lay on my couch or bed and play the game versus sitting in a chair for hours” seems like a pitance now that I’m seeing all of these incredible, free, PC mods that are appearing this week.

  2. Have not played Skyrim yet (one of the side-affects of having kids, gaming time goes WAY down), when I finally get around to it I want ALL of that in the game.

  3. You get on my nerves when you say that you are “done” with a video game. I find that highly unlikely that you will never put that game back in ever or at least until the DLC comes out. I know you were trying to sound cool by saying that you were “done” with MW3, but c’mon this is Skyrim. You play for a while, you take a break, you come back to it. Otherwise you might as well just rent games and review them.

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