When Disney Princesses Go to War

Doing this job you’d be surprised at how many artistic renditions you come across of the Disney Princesses. It’s an uber-popular theme, and can yield some spectacular works of art.

I do have to say this is the first time I’ve come across them packing some serious weaponry, an idea executed by artist Joshwmc.

It seems that all your favorites are pretty much accounted for, but out of all the samurai style outfits and blades seen here, there’s no Mulan? I guess that’d be cheating since she already was a warrior.

Check the rest out below.

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  1. Excellent work:

    Aurora as Michelle McCool WWE Womens champion and Belle as muy thai fighter (Sagat) are both hilarious.

    Some excellent artwork here.

  2. In Reply to J5 – The reason Tiana has a gun is because she is an American Princess (1 of 2) of the modern era and our US Army fights w. Guns. (Duh!)

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