“Oh Look at You!…You’re Beautiful!”

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I’m on something of a Doctor Who bender recently. I’m currently powering my way through season four, heading toward a grand article once I’m fully caught up. I haven’t met Matt Smith’s Doctor yet, but I hear he’s jut to die for. But Tennant, come on!

Anyway, that’s a debate for another day. Unreality reader Devin sent me in his rather cool crossover piece that has the good Doctor examining an Alien xenomorph. The Doctor could very well collide with any number of other sci-fi series, and Devin says he’s going to make a go of doing some more. Next up? Mass Effect.

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  1. There was actually a Xenomorph-like creature in the Tennant seasons, I’m fairly certain the monster design was mostly ripped from the the idea of Alien. Was a pretty good episode – brought old K9 and Sarah Jane into the reboot stuff after first being in the original.

  2. Yes, Tennant’s who is a bit heartbreaking, thematically anyway, whereas Smith embraces a bit more of the lunacy of the Doctor. I’ve no problem with any single take on Who (having seen all of the current run and bits and pieces of all Doctors over the years). Each of ’em have had some high points. Smith’s first season is far stronger than his second, IMHO, but I won’t spoil it for you.

  3. If you’re watching on Netflix, make sure you don’t go straight from Season 4 to Season 5 and skip the Specials. A lot of people have done that because for some reason the specials are listed separate from the regular seasons.

  4. Will makes a great point. Make sure you at least watch the two part End of Time special that takes place between 4 and 5. Otherwise, you’re going to be really confused.

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