15 of Our Favorite Famous Badass Movie Cars

If there’s one thing I can appreciate from a movie it’s a cool vehicle.   Like any other prop it can serve as a meaningful extension of a character.   In some cases though it can unfortunately be one of the only things that makes you hold on to watching a movie.

I guess either way it’s sort of interesting to see an awesome car regardless of its purpose.  As such, we’ve sought out what we thought were a pretty awesome 15 cars in movies.

*and P.S. the car from Wraith which is in the intro picture

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  1. Not a bad list.

    I’m a little curious as to why you put a picture of what I believe is the car from the movie Wraith at the top but not include it in the list.

  2. UM knight rider and the “THAT A team van” where not a movie in the movie theaters knight rider did have a 2000 movie so i guess you could use that but i don’t think they used that van in the 2008 A team movie. might be wrong

  3. The car from The Wraith was dubbed the “Dodge Turbo Interceptor. The only one in existence.” by none other than the warlock himself – Charlie Sheen.

    According to IMDB, it’s the Dodge M4S – it cost $1.5 million – in 1986. It could apparently do 194mph with a 2.2L 4-cylinder.

  4. Yautja, There was two Nigt Rider movies, and I series. they used a Mustang Cobra for it. and my opinion it should have been the top car on this list.

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