What We Know About the White Ranger Showing Up in BOOM! Studios’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Recently, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series being produced by BOOM! Studios saw a crossover event centered on Lord Drakkon. Initially, it was believed that Lord Darkkon had killed his counterpart from the main universe Tommy Oliver, who was the Green Ranger. However, it turned out that Oliver had managed to survive the incident, thus enabling him to play a critical role in the final conclusion of the storyline. Now, it has been announced that Tommy Oliver will be becoming the White Ranger in further issues that will seek to explore issues such as what it means for these characters to be Power Rangers as well as the consequences of choices made for the greater good.

Who Is Tommy Oliver Anyways?

On the whole, the move wasn’t particularly surprising because it reflects events in the first Power Rangers. In short, the character of Tommy Oliver was introduced in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a new student at the same high school as the initial Power Rangers. As such, he managed to win the respect of the Red Ranger in a spar while also managing to catch the interest of both the Pink Ranger and Rita Repulsa, who proceeded to use her magic to influence him into becoming the evil Green Ranger. Eventually, the Power Rangers were able to free Tommy Oliver from Rita Repulsa’s influence, with the result that he winded up becoming a member of the team for the purpose of making up for his misdeeds.

Over time, Tommy Oliver’s powers were made unstable until he was able to make a comeback as the White Ranger, which came with an elevation to becoming the new leader of the Power Rangers. However, that was far from being the limit of Tommy Oliver’s involvement with the Power Rangers franchise. After all, he wasn’t just a main character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but also four of its successor shows. On top of that, the character is recognized within the Power Rangers setting as a legendary figure, so much so that he is sometimes seen as being the single great Power Ranger of all time.

Why Is Tommy Oliver So Popular Anyways?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tommy Oliver’s status in the Power Rangers franchise is a reflection of his popularity as a character. Initially, the character wasn’t supposed to show up for more than a single season. However, he proved to be a breakout character, which explains why he went on to become the leader of the first Power Rangers team over the Red Ranger. As for why Tommy Oliver was so popular, well, that is much more difficult to answer because there are likely to be many different answers for many different Power Rangers fans. However, there are those who have said that Tommy Oliver was the most relatable as well as the most interesting member of the first Power Rangers team, which was based on a number of things.

First, Tommy Oliver was a new student without a lot of friends. In contrast, the first five Power Rangers were perfect students with perfect personalities as well as perfect social lives, which certainly exist in real life but are nonetheless not particularly relatable for most students who tend to struggle more when it comes to that part of their lives. As a result, Tommy Oliver was more like the people watching the show than the others, thus making it easier for said individuals to identify with him than the others.

Second, Tommy Oliver had the closet thing to a bad boy image that could be found in the first Power Rangers team. After all, he feigned friendship with the Power Rangers and proceeded to betray their trust. Furthermore, he had long hair, which might not seem like much in the present time but definitely spoke of a somewhat unconventional attitude in the early 90s. Finally, Tommy Oliver let his own selfishness convince him to make a bargain with Rita Repulsa, thus giving him an interesting edge that was made safe by his eventual redemption.

Third, there were some people who thought that Tommy Oliver seemed to be more passionate about being a Power Ranger than the others. Something that might have been understandable in light of the fact that he was working to redeeming himself for his past mistakes, but nonetheless had an important impact on how the character was perceived.

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