How Long It Takes to Watch a Bunch of Popular Shows


Ever think about trying to start binge watching a show, but the prospect seems too daunting? How many seasons are there again? How long are the episodes? How much time is this going to take exactly?

Well, Nielsen has come up with a rather sprawling infographic that breaks down just how long it will take to watch a huge collection of popular, and often rather good, TV shows.

Some shows simply have absurdly short seasons (Sherlock) or were killed quickly (Freaks and Geeks). As you get down the line, you start running into the five, six, seven and eight season series, ultimately culminating in 24 which would take a whopping 6 days and 2 hours to complete, thanks to nine 24 episode seasons. If that math seems wrong, remember this is accounting for a lack of commercial breaks. Something which, ironically, is making Nielsen itself less and less relevant.

So, which one of these are you going to try next?

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