It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Gets Street Justice”


(click to enlarge)

From featured-yesterday artist Aled Lewis comes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia made over as a beat-em-up Streets of Rage game. You’ll have to click to see all the detail and understand all the references, unfortunately it comes with the side-effect of wishing this game was actually real.

I’m like a season behind on this show right now. Have the latest episodes been any good?


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  1. The latest episodes are still great. Huffing, a ripped God fantasy, Lethal Weapon 6, bashing rats. Even the Game of Thrones TV series creators wrote an episode.

  2. Am I correct in saying that the girl in a skirt is actually Carmen aka (using their terminology here) “The Tranny” that Mac dated/banged? Can’t think of anyone else who would fit that look. The details here are insane, like Dee’s back-brace (The Aluminum Monster!), The Snail, and the Wendell Albright posters on those walls. Excellent.

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