Viserys, Dany and Robb

From ThisisLondon comes a new look at our favorite Game of Thrones cast members, when they’re not covered in each other’s blood. The fashion shoot focuses on Viserys (Harry Llyod), Daeneyrs (Emilia Clarke) and Robb (Richard Madden).

Stark obviously looks pretty similar, but it’s strange to see the Targaryens without their standard blonde hair and piercing eyes. Dany especially is almost unrecognizable, and I doubt I could identify on the street as anyone other than “that hot girl.” Interestingly, I’ve heard that her and Madden (Robb) are dating in real life. I wonder how that happens when they never, ever have any scenes together. Press events maybe?

There are four more pictures below from the shoot. Check them out:


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  1. First time I saw a photo of Emilia Clarke out of her Daenerys costume I though, man Danny is really quite a beautiful woman. I have never been much attracted to her as Danny it doesn suit her in my opinion, but then she was in this series for promos and she looked amazing in her natural brunette form, and she always looks classy and hot and hell wearing dresses. Normally you get Lena Headey looking cute but wearing some hipster bullshit like a bowler hat and tie, aand Emilia always looks like she is going for dinner at a nice restaurant.

    Its funny you mention about Robb and Danny not having scenes together, not only that, but their locations are so far apart too, Emilia would be in like Morocco and Madden in Ireland.

    Finally, I want to watch more of Harry Lloyd, out of costume he seems like such a nice guy and plays Viserys as such a vicious perverted asshole, it kinda makes me wish Viserys was kept alive.

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