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I started playing the remastered edition of Age of Mythology again this weekend and it brought back a lot of memories. My dad was the one who introduced me to the game more than a decade ago if I’m not mistaken. It’s basically a real-time strategy games with characters and locations from Greek, Norse, and Egyptian myths. Yes, imagine Anubis warriors and Minotaurs going at it! It was fun playing the game regardless of what mode you chose: online, campaign, or simply a random map.

Let’s go back and reminisce about what made Age of Mythology a timeless video game.

The campaign was extremely fun and interesting. I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of myths. You traverse to different types and stories so it’s not limited to just the popular Greek myths. The fun part is that you get to role-play some of these through the campaign. Remember the Trojan Horse? Well, you’ll be able to build it and invade Troy for yourself. You’ll even get the chance to play as pigs as famously told in the Odyssey. Not everything is familiar though because there are deviations in the story that will keep things fresh even for players who are thoroughly informed about myth.

It’s funny because I actually thought that the main character Arkantos was a part of Greek mythology. The story was so convincing and he fit quite well into the story. It’s also the type of campaign that players won’t get tired over regardless of how many times they’ve played through it. There’s variety as well since you play different types of civilization with their own things to offer in terms of army, buildings, and many other things.

Aside from the campaign, playing random maps on your own could consume you. I kind of have a sadistic streak going on when it comes to how I play. I would often decimate my foe, but not to the point that I’ll win. I’d wipe them out until only one settlement is left and then I leave. I get this bizarre satisfaction of watching this cycle of destruction and restoration. Plus, I wouldn’t want to start over after I’ve built my civilization. Victories taste sweeter when you take your time.

Nobody can talk about Age of Mythology without talking about the awesome Anubis warriors in the game. They were everyone’s favorite type of warriors especially since you could wipe out an entire army with a handful of them. Forget the infantry, archers, and the other type of soldiers because the Anubis warriors were the only thing you’d need if you were the Egyptians.

I feel like this game is such a timeless classic. I’ve never stopped playing the game even before the remastered edition came out. It never feels outdated to me and it’s still loads of fun. Maybe you guys should revisit the game again.

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  1. Are you my Age of Empires (err Mythology) soulmate?! I love destroying my enemies until they have a few villagers left along side a few non-military structures only to let them limp along and try and survive another hour more before I return with an even bigger army! Muahahahaha! Awesome that I’m not alone in this.

    Aside from taking down memory lane, I had no idea that there was a “remastered” version?! Could you tell me what the benefits are because I’m interested in purchasing said version and playing this, like immediately.

    1. The only place, I know where to find the Remastered Version is through Steam, though honestly I haven’t looked anywhere else. As for improvements, here is an abbreviated list. There is an improved day/night cycle, with the nights getting pretty dark. Lighting in general is better. All of the textures are just a bit better, nothing, mind-blowing or anything but better. Water appearance is a big improvement as well, appearance wise. In my opinion, one of the best things to happen is the Steam Workshop, with everyone modding we’ve got some great scenarios, maps, and some texturing that makes the game look great.

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