Unreality’s Top 15 Best Lists of the Year


If you’re any sort of a regular reader here, you know that we love lists at Unreality, but as our audience has grown from zero to a million over the past year (true story), many of you probably missed some of our best stuff that was posted a long while back. I’ve compiled a list of our favorite lists, and no, the irony of this does not escape me.

Check them out below, clicking on each picture takes you to the original article. And that zero to a million thing? That’s all because of you guys, and you all rock, and we owe you uh, more good articles I guess.

15. Twenty Awesome Aliens in Movies


There are a zillion aliens in movie history, but Nattyb broke down our absolute favorites here.

14. Ten Memorable Movie Suicides


Madison took a lot at some of the most epic self-inflicted deaths in movie history.

13. Ten of the Baddest Fictional Movie Weapons


They don’t exist, but we wish they did. Madison went through the coolest unreal movie weapons ever.

12. The Ten Greatest Lost WTF-isms


Before the last season started, I took a look back at all the Lost craziness that had comes before.

11. The Ten Best Movies Gunfights of All Time


Everyone likes a good old fashioned, slow motion movie gunfight. These were my ten favorites.

10. The Twenty Best Comedies of the Last Ten Years


I don’t necessarily agree with all of Madison’s comedy list here (especially his number one), but there are a ton of great movies on here.

9. Ten Incredibly Accurate Impersonations by People You Wouldn’t Recognize


Nattyb is a master at finding random videos, and put his skills to good use find these impression videos.

8. Ten Exceptionally Inappropriate Pokemon Videos


I don’t know how I get my ideas for post sometimes. You probably really don’t want to ask.

7. The Top Ten Heroes Characters I Want to See Dead


I don’t hate any show quite as much as I do Heroes, yet here I am, still watching. Keep in mind this was written before any of these characters DID die.

6. The Ten Most Polarizing Movies of the Last Decade


Some movies inspire a vicious love/hate relationship, and Madison counted down the most controversial ones.

5. Twelve of the Best Kids Show Rap Mash-Ups


I’ve never had as much fun compiling a post as I did this one. I’m not sure if all the videos are still there, but any of them are pretty great. My favorites have to be the top two however.

4.  Seven Significant Body Transformations for Movies


Nattyb took a look at actors who have drastically altered their bodies for film roles.

3. Ten Movie Scenes That Can Make Guys Cry


I wanted to make a list of scenes in movies that almost brought me tears, turns out I wasn’t alone.

2. The Ten Most Visually Stunning Movies of the Last Ten Years


One of our most popular posts ever, I posted galleries of ten movies that blew us away with their visuals. This is pre-Avatar of course.

1. Ten Movies Where the Bad Guys Win


In our #1 post of all time (over 300,000 views!), Madison went through ten movies where the bad guys came out on top.

Bonus: The Eight Best Recurring Arrested Development Jokes

This really was one of my favorite posts I’ve done, but Fox is a corporation made up entirely out of human genitalia , so they’ve pulled all the videos. It’s still nice to reminisce though.

Tune in 2010 for even more!

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  1. Ah, the memories. I had fun reading and writing these, but I wish I could get a redo on my top comedies list. Why I left off 40 year Old Virgin I have no idea.

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