Unemployed? Have I Got a Job For you

“Hey Steve, how rich are you?”

“Bitch, I’m so rich I pay people to play video games FOR me!”

That’s the gist of this online ad, which offers cash for someone who can level a character for this person in Diablo III. Though on second thought, I’m not sure if RN’s are rolling in dough, and this might be a misplaced use of resources. But really, how much would you have to pay someone to level a Diablo III character for you? $20? $50? Die hard fans are going to be doing it anyway. Might as well get some of the cost of the game back.

I don’t have an actual link to this post, but assuredly the position has been filled as this went viral this weekend. I’ll keep an eye out for any other openings like this, but I somehow doubt there are too many fans out there who won’t be playing the game themselves.

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