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I know I keep comparing the pacing of the second season of True Blood to that of the first season, but the parallels are too striking to ignore.  Just like season one, season two has finally hit its stride right around the fourth episode.  We are now familiar with the “newer” characters and their motivations – like Jessica, Maryann, and Steve and Sarah Newlin – and the overarching plot has seemingly been revealed.  Eric is still sort of a mystery, and we learn a bit more about vampire culture.  And maybe it’s just me, but I felt that there was a lot more sex in this episode than usual (which is saying a lot), and that there were more “jokes” than usual, too.  Alright, let’s get to it.  Keep reading for the full review of True Blood Episode 2.4.  As always, there will be spoilers.

*You can read last episode’s review HERE.


I guess I’ll start with the end first, because it’s been the show’s most pressing question thus far:  what is Maryann, and what is the bull-headed creature?  Well, it turns out they’re one and the same.  We still don’t know exactly what Maryann is (although it’s never spoken, some of our readers have suggested she’s a Maenad), but she is the bull-headed creature, she is the one that scratched Daphne’s back, Sookie’s back, and presumably killed Miss Jeanette, and her power is definitely linked to the dancing and eating and sex that goes on during her orgy parties.  Now we just need to figure out what’s going on with that pig of hers.  Daphne whispered to Sam that she “knew what he is,” but I’m thinking after scratching her, Maryann can someone use her as a vessel, control her, see what she sees, or something along those lines.

Back to the sex, though, Tara and Eggs finally got it on in a pretty graphic scene during one of Maryann’s patented sex parties.  Gotta love HBO.  Tara had accepted Sookie’s offer to come and live with her and said her goodbyes to Maryann, but as soon as Sookie, Bill, and Jessica left for Dallas (we’ll get to that in a moment), Maryann showed up at Tara’s/Sookie’s with a cake and was ready to party.

The relationship between Bill and Jessica (his “ward” or “progeny”) more and more resembles that of a father and daughter.  Sometimes it’s sweet, like when Bill taught Jessica how to glamor a human; other times, it’s pretty funny, like when Bill got angry at Jessica for going too far in her glamoring.


Bill & Co. meet up with Eric in Dallas to investigate (using Sookie’s telepathy) the disappearance of Dallas’ vampire sheriff.  Eric seems incredibly determined, and after some prodding by Bill, he reveals that Dallas’ sheriff was older and more powerful than Eric himself, and thus his disappearance should be a concern for all vampires.  Interestingly, not only do areas have sheriffs and magistrates (as we saw in season one), but apparently there are kings and queens, too.  It is going to be awesome when we finally get to see how powerful a king or queen can be.

Significantly, upon arriving in Dallas, a limo driver attempts to kidnap Sookie. Because she is able to read his mind – and because of Bill’s help – Sookie is able to avoid capture.  Bill and Jessica glamor the would-be kidnapper, and he reveals who – or what – it is that ordered the kidnapping:  The Fellowship of the Sun.  Of course it’s the Fellowship.  And it’s the Fellowship that has been promoting Jason through its ranks, presumably to make him a Soldier of the Sun in the war against evil.  If Maryann is this season’s minor villain, the Fellowship seems to be its major one.


Jason is loving his ascent through the Fellowship’s ranks, but starts to doubt just why he’s being promoted when his sniveling suitemate suggests that it’s simply because Sarah wants a fresh young stud to bang.  This is unsettling for Jason, as he’s been looking at Sarah as a lot more than just guidance.  One thing I love about True Blood is that stylistically, it isn’t afraid to take chances.  The fantasy scene of Sarah and her released sex appeal worked wonderfully; my girlfriend commented that I should try to close my mouth.  Speaking of style, I thought the cinematography for the scene involving Sarah and Jason in Jason’s bedroom toward the end of the episode was great.  We start off by seeing Sarah’s relfection in a mirror, and the camera pans around smoothly during her dialogue with Jason, finally revealing her sexy self.  Even with all its bizarre characters and storylines, True Blood is not without a sense of style.

That about sums up this episode’s major developments, but I do want to mention a couple of things: 1) Chris Bauer’s continuous great and unappreciated acting.  You could feel Andy’s frustration and embarrassment at having to turn over his badge, and for the first time since the show started, I will be rooting for Andy to succeed. 2) Sookieran into another telepath- Barry – in Dallas.  Obviously, this should be a major plot point in the future.  It looks as though Sookie isn’t totally unique; she’s a creature of some sort, just like Bill, Eric, Maryann, etc.

So what did you guys think?

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  1. I loved it, I’m really digging 2nd season, especially the Dallas storyline. Didn’t Eric also say that the missing vampire was more powerful than any other vampire, or something like that?

    I loved the “If God rids us of all evil, then explain Europe to me.” line from Jason. Jessica making the limo guy yell was hilarious as well, I’m really starting to like her after the whole date thing with Jason’s buddy.

  2. @ Marcus

    I thought this episode was definitely the “funniest” of the season; lots of pretty clever jokes thrown in. I even liked Lafayette humping the couch.

    Eric said that the missing vampire was twice as powerful as he was, which means he must be pretty damn powerful.

    Jessica was incredibly annoying in season 1 (as I am sure was the intent), but she’s grown on me A LOT this season. I am looking forward to her next scene with Hoyt.

  3. This episode was definitely the funniest…I love the interaction between Bill and Jessica but I especially didn’t like Sookie in this week’s episode(not that I like her anyway)…she was more ditzy than normal..
    Eric and Layfayette are pairing up great..They are both my favorite characters and I love the extreme difference between their personalities and it makes me giggle…
    I can’t wait for the season to progress…I want to see what happens between Daphne and Sam, Jessica and Hoyt, and I want to see what Maryann makes Tara do…
    I can’t wait for next week^^

  4. @ orlisnjangel

    The pairing of Eric and Lafayette is so bizarre, but it totally works. I love how Eric, who hates just about everyone, likes Lafayette. How could you not? I’m still hoping he turns him into a vampire. Something. Anything to give Lafayette a bigger role on the show.

  5. @ Madison

    well they have given Lafayette a bigger role in the show..they didn’t kill him like they did in the books XD
    But if only he was made into a vampire..that would be awesome^^

  6. @ orlisnjangel

    I guess I should be grateful for that, then.

    I suppose that I like that the show takes its own direction, different from that of the books. It’s easier to remain spoiler-free, and if I ever feel like reading the books one day (how do they compare, btw?), there will be some new stuff in there for me, too.

  7. @ Madison

    i was certainly grateful when Lafayette was spared^^

    I haven’t read the books XD…a friend of mine who did read the books told me about them and he says he likes the series better…he says it doesn’t feel as “fan-girl-y” as the series..i did TRY to read the books but they are WAY different..for instance: Bill is not a total wimp,he actually stands up to Sookie and is a TOTAL Sexaholic..and Eric is a like how Bill is in the series…just with more of a spine and Sookie actually likes him..but what really got me was that Sookie is plus-size in the book and a twig in the series..that made me angry because there aren’t a lot of curvy women on TV..someone has to show the REAL America…kinda…

  8. @Madison- I have read all 9 of the books, and as everyone says, they’re totally different. As I have heard men seem to like the tv series better and women the books. Probably for the reason orlisnjangel mentioned.
    The one thing that does bother me is that Sookie is intrigued by Eric by this point in the books. It’s like she wants to hate him, but can’t. And in the books Eric is humorous and more lighthearted when it comes to Sookie. It’s a great dynamic that I hope to see between them in the future.

    I agree that in the show it’s interesting that Lafayette was not dead in the back of the car, as he is in the book. The interaction with him and Tara, and him and Eric is really interesting.
    I’m not sure about Lafayette becoming a vampire… In the books vampires don’t date each other, only humans (blood exchange gives them power over each other), so if he became a vampire he may only then date humans, which would be alright I suppose…

  9. @ Hey Lady!

    All 9 books? Wow. That’s quite an investment.

    I know Sookie is currently disgusted by Eric, but maybe she’ll like him more once she gets to know him? His clearly fascinated by her, and for someone who has been around 1,000 years, that says a lot.

    As far as Lafayette, if he doesn’t turn into a vamp, that’s fine – I just want him to stay on the show.

  10. @Madison- I doubt Lafayette is going anywhere, I’d be willing to bet he’s one of the fans favorite characters, an one advantages to not sticking to the books with him, is that they can do anything now and not have to worry about sticking to any plot lines from the book.

    The books are an easy read, fast moving and easy to understand. They’re a lot of fun, but I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, so that could be just me! And I’ll be honest, I think women like them more then men do, with it being told through Sookie’s eyes.

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