Awww Lost Was a Rerun? You’re Kidding Me


Words cannot adequately express how pissed off I was when I discovered at 9:01 that Lost was rerun last night. In the home stretch with three weeks to go, I have zero idea why they decided to take a week off, as it’s not like there was some big event happening on ABC, just a rerun of Ab Aeterno. Bullshit.

So I had to scramble for a post since my usual review was out the window, and I stumbled across the work of Gideon Slife, a crazyperson who has made it their goal to make a minimalist poster out of every episode of Lost EVER. Yes, we’ve been seeing a lot of this kind of stuff lately, but this is dedication on a whole new level, as there are 78 posters to date.

Obviously some are better than others, which is why I’ve assembled my favorite ones below. If you want to see all of them, head to Gideon’s Flickr page.

It’s back on again next week, right?










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  1. I just watched the entire gallery and it is insane and pretty cool, my only complain is on the Through the Looking Glass poster, it should’ve said: “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!”

  2. I just got into Lost last month and I got allllll caught up thanks to hulu and my friend’s dvr. This was going to be my first week I was going to watch it on tv with the rest of the world and ABC took that feeling away from me!

    Why would they do this? All the episodes HAVE to be finished by now.

  3. LOST was a rerun this week because they wanted the finale to air on May 23rd.

    they said the 2 options were this week or the week before the finale.
    they chose this week because it apparently would be f’ed up to show the whole season, then have to wait almost 2 weeks for the finale.

    why not a little later or earlier? maybe these next 3 eps will be so crazy that this was the best place to take it?

    either way, i am glad they did it now as opposed to the week before the finale. every ep from here on out will be new.

  4. Well, they did say Lost would be back in 2 weeks, last week. Also, May is a sweeps month, I believe.

    But I was annoyed, too, by the delay.

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