Amazingly Creative Covers of the Best 1980s Sitcom Theme Songs


It’s not just cartoons from the 1980s that have great theme songs; many of the sitcoms featured unforgettably catchy theme songs, too.  Of course, television theme songs aren’t usually taken very seriously by music fans – not that they should be – but there’s definitely a special talent required to come up with songs that embed themselves into your brain for years and years.  And no decade had more catchy sitcom themes than the 1980s (or I’m incredibly biased based on when I was born – you decide).

Some people have decided to cover these 1980s sitcom themes, and in a lot of cases, the cover is even better than the original.  There’s a lot that can be done with songs this catchy, and the creative people out there in the world of the Interwebs have risen to the challenge.  You can check out some of the coolest, most creative covers of 1980s sitcom theme songs below.

As an aside, there’s no Diff’rent Strokes cover on here because, quite frankly, the original can never be topped.

Family Matters

A great rendition of the song, and it’s clear the video took a lot of work, too.  Well done.

Full House

I really, really dig this girl’s voice.


I’m shocked ALF hasn’t been rebooted at this point.

Growing Pains

Great use of overdubbing by the singer/guitarist here.

The Facts of Life

Arguably the best 1980s sitcom theme.

The Golden Girls

Another classic; I really like how this guy managed to inject some emotion into this song.  Sort of.

Who’s the Boss?

I believe this is the actual guy who wrote and performed the Who’s the Boss theme, which is pretty cool.

Silver Spoons

Why play a guitar when a computer can play the music for you?

Perfect Strangers

These guys are great – it’s clear they aren’t holding back.

Mr. Belvedere

And another cover from my favorite pair of bros.

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