The Walking Dead’s Zombies Escape from TV


I’m not quite sure which side to take in the whole AMC vs. Dish Network controversy. AMC has a bunch of awesome shows, so they think that they deserve to charge cable companies more for their channel. Dish says screw that, we’re not paying more (well, making our customers pay more as we pass the costs to them) and so AMC is off the line-up. In the end, both seem like idiots, consumers get screwed and the death of TV is nigh.

But it’s not about who’s right, it’s about who wins the PR war. And so far, AMC is doing just that. They have a rather brilliant new viral campaign that posits if zombies can live among us, now that they’re not welcome on TV. They roam around the streets of New York, and the reaction from passersby is priceless. I’m surprised none of them got murdered by someone whose seen too many movies, and let’s just say it’s good they didn’t try this in Texas.

Our own TJ Fink actually worked on this campaign, but sadly was deemed too good-looking to be a fear-inducing undead walker. Maybe next time TJ. Check out the video above, and re-examine your life if you are still using a satellite dish for cable. Broadband baby! Or better yet, the internet!

UPDATE: TJ actuallly is a zombie, he’s the tall paramedic at 20 seconds.

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  1. Meh, I dont’ care. I gave up on all that and just use Netflix now. TV as we know it has got to change. I’d get cable back if I could just order the like 5 channels my wife and I are actually interested in. It does suck having to wait months for the next season of Bones to be released to Netflix, it can get hard to avoid spoilers 🙂

  2. Step 1 towards getting the masses to lower their guard for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, complete.

    Honestly though, I’m glad none of these actors got shot or cause car accidents or something. Does anyone else see how things could have turned out really badly if just one person in the wrong place at the wrong time bought it?

  3. Alright so, AMC is all pissy that Dish wont pay them more money to host their network. So AMC decides to blow a bunch of money to make an ad in an attempt to get the consumers to complain to Dish, thereby strong-arming them into paying AMC more to broadcast them?

    This is silly childish playground antics, IMO.

  4. This is quite childish, yes I will admit that. But AMC just isn’t complaining to the masses about Dish dropping them; this is also bringing awareness to the masses and providing a list of providers that still carries them so people can at least still watch all the AMC shows.

    Still a ridiculous fight, this is getting up there with Apple vs. Samsung

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