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Around the third episode of Season 1 of True Blood, things really started to get moving, and character arcs became deeper and more defined.  The same thing has happened for Season 2, and Sunday’s episode was the most interesting and exciting one yet.  Even more questions arose, there’s a lot more than just vampires running around, and we learned a bit more about some of the secondary characters.  If you missed last week’s review, you can read it HERE.  Keep reading for my full review of True Blood Episode 2.3.  As always, spoilers aplenty.


Bill is understandably furious at Sookie for taking Jessica to see her family, and the couple continue to argue like, well, a real couple.  Add in Jessica, and the three of them seem like a family.  Anyhow, Sookie flips the script on Bill – as some women are prone to doing – and storms away from him, into the dark on her own.  She’s attacked by a bull-headed (literally) creature that manages to scratch her back before Bill can come and save her.  The gashes on Sookie’s back are more than superficial; the wound appears to be fatal.  And so, a new mystery on True Blood surfaces: the bull-headed creature.

Bill brings Sookie to Eric and a creepy old female doctor at Fangtasia, who manages to save Sookie in easily one of the most disgusting, gory scenes I’ve seen in a long time.  Bill and Sookie make up, sort of, but Eric messes with Bill a bit.  I get the sense that Eric is definitely going to make a move of sorts on Sookie very, very soon.  As of now, she is disgusted by him – mostly for how he treated Lafayette – so it may not be until they eventually arrive in Dallas.  Speaking of Lafayette, I’m glad to see he’s alive, but a bit disappointed he wasn’t turned into a vampire.  Oh well.  I wonder what they’ll do with his character next.


The character that seems to be going through the deepest arc right now, ironically, is Jason.  He may be a simpleton, but he’s totally lost and having a real hard time reconciling what he did to Eddie (the vampire he and Amy kidnapped) and his place in the Fellowship of the Sun.  He’s being told to hate vampires, but there’s something holding him back from doing so.  Soon, though, the creepy Sarah seems to break through to Jason, and I get the feeling that he will have a major, major role with the Fellowship in upcoming episodes.  How major?  I think he’ll be fighting vampires.  We’ll see.  What I do know is that even in a show about vampires, it’s the Fellowship of the Sun “cult” that scares me most.


Sam is as scared as ever, and it’s all because of Maryann.  He tries to warn Tara about her, and thankfully, Tara finally realizes how nuts and bizarre all the orgies parties Maryann has been hosting actually are.  Tara bolts, and it looks like Sam may have gotten through to her.  Andy, on the other hand, enjoys Maryanns party.  But what’s with the disappearing pig?  Like I said in the comments last week, I’m guessing that pig is Maryann’s servant.  Sam – for one last time before he skips out of town – runs with his collie and jumps into a lake, only to be confronted by Daphne.  I still don’t know what her deal is, but it’s not going to be good.  Like Sookie, Daphne was scratched by the bull-headed creature, but unlike Sookie, she wasn’t healed.  Is she possessed?

Finally, I loved seeing Hoyt work up the courage to talk to Jessica.  And I love that she was so receptive.  Hoyt is a great character and it’s about time they worked him into the story a bit more.  Seeing him with a vampire girlfriend will be pretty cool.

What did you guys think?  What do you think is going on with the bull-headed creature?

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  1. I’m just looking forward to seeing the missing sheriff. The actor is a young, Danish guy from Copenhagen. I’m excited because my roomate did sound on a short movie he was the lead in, a couple of months ago, and it’s just amazing that he went from literally unknown to being cast in an HBO show.

  2. I think it’s pretty apparent that Maryann is some sort of Circe stand in. Like Circe from the Odyssey, she knows how to tempt people, her house looks almost like a Greek temple, and when Circe had had her fill of her party guests, she’d turn them into pigs. Not sure on her angle or her agenda here, but I think she has some definite demi-god powers.

  3. @ Erin

    I think you’re right, or at least on the right path. I just don’t get the angle/agenda, either, and what do Greek demi-gods have to do with vampires?

  4. I think that Daphne might be a werewolf, that would account for her not being too surprised with seeing Sam talking to a dog or being naked in the pond. It would also account for her being about to survive the attack by that bull headed thing. I really like the whole idea of the show where if vampires are real, what else could be out there.

  5. @ diego

    Yeah, the possibilites for creatures seems endless. If she isn’t a werewolf, though, I’m thinking that whatever scratched her changed her or made her possessed. She seemed awfully calm despite those huge gashes down her back.

  6. I LOVE Hoyt. I’m so glad that he is finally getting some time on the show.

    What a great way to end with showing Daphne’s scars on her back. I honestly have no clue what that is about. Same with the bull headed thing.

    Great episode, though. I was afraid that Terry was gonna kick Sam’s ass after he told him he was leaving. He is kinda unstable.

  7. @ Laura

    Definitely agree about Hoyt.

    As for Terry, I think there’s more than meets the eye to him. Exactly what happened to him in the Middle East? And didn’t he say something to Sam in Season 1 about “everyone having a past?”

  8. wow..there are some good theories now..
    i did read an articleearlier today( and their theory about Maryann is that she’s a Maenad, or a follower of Dionysus, and the description that was given seemed to fit her perfectly…..
    Hoyt is so cute^^..he’s just adorable..
    and i don’t want to wait two weeks for the new episode..*frowny*

    did anyone else think that “Sarah doesn’t whip out her pudding for anybody..”sounds dirty??

  9. Ah, I love Hoyt and I’m glad he’s finally getting some airtime. I don’t tend to get emotionally involved with a lot of shows, but I was genuinely shocked and a little upset when Bill threw Jessica across the room. She’s learning to be a veggie vamp! Be a little nicer to her!

  10. If the series follows the Sookie Stackhouse books, then Maryann is a Maenad… not sure if she is the actuall bull headed creature or if she controlls it somehow… The creature had the same build as eggs… my guess is the creature is eggs, but unlikely that he even knows he is the creature… I guess we will find out…
    I think that Jason will definitley get some of the real pudding, and good on Hoyt for stepping up!

  11. I think if Daphne was a werewolf she’d have healed better then she did? Or maybe it’s just vampires that heal without scars? Somehow she had the power to not be overtaken and die from the poison in the Maenad/bullhead whatever creature’s claws. Something is not right with her. Daphne almost worries me more the Maryanne, it’s obvious Maryanne is looking to make trouble. Daphne seemed so sweet and Innocent.

  12. @ Hey Lady!
    I doubt she is a werewolf either… She is “something” that is a product of Maryann and / or the bull headed thing… maybe the scratch turned her into whatever she is now… maybe just a minion of some sort… Either way it makes me want to keep watching…

  13. @ Hey Lady!

    I don’t think Daphne is a creature at all. I think she’s simply a pawn of Maryann’s or the Bull-headed creature’s, and I think that Maryann and the creature must be linked. Like you said, Daphne has got to be a “minion.”

    Glad you enjoy these reviews…I will keep writing them!

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