Real Life Bert Should Have Stayed a Muppet

What’s that? You weren’t planning on having any sort of nightmares tonight? Well, let me just fix that for you with this armless bust of what Sesame’s Street’s Bert might look like.

He was even kind of creepy as a Muppet, but that effect is magnified exponentially when he’s given the skin of an actual human. Clearly Ernie has driven him insane years ago, and this is the face he make right before he ties him to the bed and burns the house down.

Also, I can’t even tell. Is this is a model or CGI?

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  1. ^ I was definitely thinking the same thing about Total Recall.

    This rendering needs much thicker eyebrows to do Bert the justice he deserves. The only thing creepier would be this artist making an ernie bust and putting him in a tub with a creepy slow version of rubber ducky playing.

  2. Hi,
    I am Nacho Díaz the artist who create this pieze.
    The pieze is originally calle “I miss you…”
    This is a Silicone bust with poliester eyes,mohair for eyebrows and eyelashes and human hair for head hair.
    I hope you enjoy it and for more visit our website
    and our blog.
    you can follow us in facebook


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