A Game of Thrones Hip-Hop Remix That’s Shockingly Well Done


What, rappers can’t like Game of Thrones? That’s stereotyping playa! Alright, I’m going to stop before I offend someone.

But fo’ real (last one), this is a rather good remix of the GoT theme by rapper Dominik Omega and The Arcitype that’ s much, much better than you’d imagine. He weaves in references from the show, relating them to the rap game, and the main theme underscores the entire thing. It’s good, just give it a listen. From what I can tell, it’s spoiler free if you’ve been keeping up with the show.

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  1. pretty well done! love the call out at the beginning to the people who waited for ADWD. fortunately, i only had about a year to wait, but i still empathize…to anyone who started before AFFC, you have my respect. and sympathy.

    and yeah, there’s a reference to a big spoiler, but it’s not bad because it doesn’t actually give away anything just by its mention alone.

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