The Top 10 SNL Digital Shorts of All Time


This past Saturday wrapped up the 35th season of Saturday Night Live.  Before you start in with the “SNL is still on the air?” and “SNL stopped being funny back in 1995” jokes, just know that I still watch the show regularly and still find it pretty funny.  No, not every show is a winner, but more often than not, the episodes are pretty good.  This past Saturday’s season finale was great.  Sure, it’s easier to not watch and say it sucks, but you’re missing out.

Anyway, one of the bits on SNL that I’ve enjoyed for quite some time has been the mostly Lonely Island-produced Digital Shorts.  Dating back to around 2005, Digital Shorts almost always feature one of my favorite cast members – Andy Samberg – and are routinely amongst the funniest bits on the show.  There’s a lot to choose from, and after the jump, you can check out the Top 10 SNL Digital Shorts of all time.

10. Great Day

“Great Day” premiered this past Saturday night, and after watching it, I immediately had to see it again. Dennis reminds me of Ellis from Die Hard, which is automatically a good thing, and the concept of a guy who threw his life away for coke singing a showtunes-style song is hilarious. I can’t decide which joke I like better – when Dennis eyes turn red and Satanic, or when Dennis thinks he’s in the Matrix. Either way, “Great Day” was a great way to finish the season.

9. People Getting Punched Right Before Eating

So simply yet so effective. The concept of randomly blasting someone in the face is quite entertaining, if I do say so. Nice Bon Jovi cameo, too.

8. Space Olympics

I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the “Space Olympics” at first, but it really grew on me. You can’t enforce a curfew when there’s no light or sound. Go figure.

7. Natalie Rap

As if I didn’t already love Natalie Portman enough. Her potty mouth in this rap just drives me wild.

6. Laser Cats 5

All of the “Laser Cats” shorts are pretty good, but adding Cameron and his willingness to poke fun at himself makes the most recent one the best and worthy of a spot on this list. Throwing in Sigourney Weaver, Samberg covered in blue paint, and the toilet flushing as a “special effect,” and this one is a winner.

5. Jizz in My Pants

Not as strong as anything in the Top 4, but still pretty damn funny.

4. I’m on a Boat

I honestly had no idea who T-Pain was before this video. Poor Jorma doesn’t get to ride the boat.

3. Like a Boss

If you’ve seen the real video by Slim Thug, it makes this one that much funnier. All the rap guys are always talking about how they run things and call all the shots, and putting that concept in an office setting is just brilliant. Poor Deborah.

(Hope you enjoy this one, Aaron)

2. Lazy Sunday

I really struggled not putting this in the top spot. It pretty much put Samberg on the map, it’s damn catchy, and has spawned countless copycat videos. “Lazy Sunday” is just filled with memorable lines, and as a New Yorker who can appreciate Magnolia Bakery, this one hits close to home.

1. Dick in a Box

Was it even a question? Timberlake should host SNL at least once a season.

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  1. I watch this show every sunday morning on Hulu and I’m usually pretty amused by it. I’m just not sure how it works backstage. Like why some episodes Will Forte will be around for one sketch, then Bill Hader will be around for almost all of them. Then the next week Hader won’t be around but Will is in all of them. They should even things out more.

    They also need more women on the show too. I love Wiig and she has hardcore range but I’m sure there are other women out there who are just as funny who could keep up on the show.

  2. great post. now that you mentioned it i could really see ellis from die hard in that digital short.
    a couple i think definately should be in the top ten:
    – “dear sister” it only aired once, but really captures there sense of humor- it is making fun of an “OC” episode
    – “the h is o”- actually the first digital short done on snl, way before samberg- it is with will ferrell, and ben stiller- check it out it is awesome.

  3. “D in a B” is overrated.

    I agree, where is “Mother Lover”?!

    Also, I’m with you on this past weeks short, “Great Day”. Can’t stop watching, it and yes, his Demon Eyes are definitely my favorite part.

    What about some love for “Tizzle Wizzle Time” ???? EXCELLENT!!!

  4. @ Rob

    Wiig is great but she’s overworked. I’d like to see more Abby Elliot, actually.

    @ Josh

    Is Dear Sister the one with the note and everyone shooting each other? That one is great.

    @ all

    Mother Lover? Really? I liked it, but not THAT much.

  5. Some of these are pretty funny, and okay we all laughed when dick in a box, jizz and i’m on a boat came out. but shit like laser cats 5 show how lazy snl’s writers have gotten. over 75% of the skits each episode are derivative of skits that weren’t even funny in the first place. anyone else sick of the guy that makes up sex moves? or the girl with the annoying voice selling you clocks? other than the news, i hold that there is not a single funny repeated bit. not a single one.

  6. Dear Sister is the best one… i agree.


    there are plenty of funny repeated bits…

    what’s up with that is HILARIOUS every time mainly credited to sudeikis’s dancing.

    stink and twinkle sports commentary… amazing

    target lady… although not done much anymore

    bill hader as the alien sportcaster…

    scared straight! sooo funny.

    i just don’t think you watch the show enough.

  7. @ chelsea

    What Up With That is easily, easily, easily one of my favorite sketches of all time. I absolutely love it. And the song is damn catchy, too.

    Agree on the sports commentary as well as Bill Hader as the alien.

  8. i actually just went to hulu and watched a ton of digital sketches and think that i couldn’t narrow it down to top 10… maybe top 10 musical and top 10 non-musical… there are just too many!

  9. There are what, maybe 20 something total digital shorts and you pick your ‘top 10 SNL digital shorts of all time’?
    Wow I bet this took all of 10 minutes to do.

    How about you do something legit, like ‘The Top 10 SNL Shorts of All Time’?
    I’ve seen SNL shorts from the 80’s on youtube – like Men’s Synchronised Swimming – that funnier than any of your ‘top 10’.

  10. @ doug

    Actually, there are 66 Digital Shorts. So you’re off on that.

    It took a lot longer than 10 minutes, but even if it took 5, why should that matter?

    If it’s so easy, start your own blog and post your favorite SNL shorts. Then embrace when people whine because it didn’t take that long, despite them paying nothing and giving up nothing to watch the clips on the web.

    Be more bitter.

  11. I like D*ck in a Box but I think that Like a Boss is much funnier. I dropped a brick in my pants when I heard for the first time and Seth Rogen’s facial expressions were priceless.

  12. You made some good choices. I don’t want to repeat what other people already said, but i will turn your attention to two other really funny ones. “Doppleganger” is relatively old, but hilarious. That is one where three of the guys are eating lunch out side and looking around to see if there is anyone out there they look like. It ends with Andy Samberg getting shot. HILARIOUS! The other is “Booty Call” where Alicia Keys makes a booty call to Samberg. A new classic.

  13. What Doug said.. most of the new material is hit or miss. Should have taken out the “digital” and just went with the top 10 all around shorts from SNL.

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