A Real Life Peter Griffin Walks the Earth

The fact that this man, who could not look more like Peter Griffin, and also has the ability to sound exactly like him, exists in the world is practically the equivalent of if there was a bald, pouchy yellow man out there with a voice exactly like Dan Castellanata.

But alas, there’s only Peter, and though I don’t know his actual name, I’m going to just assume Seth MacFarlane made some pact with the devil to bring his creation from paper to flesh. The video above has him killing it doing stand-up at the Allentown Comic-Con.

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  1. This guy is great. He should go on tour as peter griffin doing stand up. People would love it!! the best part is the laugh though, it really makes the whole act come together.
    also, this was pretty spontaneous as he was just trying to kill time and entertain the crowd while the judges decided on a costume winner. if he would prepare a routine, im sure it would be great. he could even contact seth mcfarlane to get some input and make it official.

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