Throne of Games

I usually don’t pull comics, but I liked this one too much to pass it up. From (check them out, it’s a good site) comes this interpretation of Game of Thrones, flipped around to appeal to the gamer in all of us.

I particularly like the subtle touches like the flip flops and Nintendo Power Glove. I’m not sure what that machine gun controller is, but I think I want it.

I recently just sold my Guitar Hero guitars and Rock Band instruments to charity. That fad is officially dead for me. Though now I wish I had made a cool chair out of them.

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  1. How can you “sell something to charity” if you make a profit, doesn’t that mean its no longer charitable. I’m just messing with you though, cool comic though. If only season one of game of thrones would come out on dvd so I can finally watch it and be one of the cool kids.

  2. Thanks for posting this, it seems to have hit well with the gaming community. I came up with the gun controller when looking for different game paripherals. People can order prints of the comic off my site also!

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