Throne and Liberty is a New MMO Coming for PS5 and PC

Throne and Liberty is a new MMO that is associated with the Lineage lineup of titles that started back in 1998. This new title is being developed by NCSOFT has been a victim of all manner of delays and now it’s finally picking up steam. Originally titled Lineage Eternal, Throne and Liberty are now being built with Unreal Engine 4 and it’s aiming to be a next-generation MMORPG that will be a groundbreaking experience. There will be a very organic weather system that will change the terrain over time and even affect what type of enemies will come out. Thus, hunting will also be an ever-changing experience, forcing players to constantly switch up their methods and tweak their gear. The map will have different biomes to explore and there will never be a time during the playthrough where it will be “cleared” or “conquered.” Every biome will change and evolve constantly, enticing players to go back and discover new things and have new quests.

Despite its Earthy Medieval setting, Throne and Liberty will also come with its fair share of magic and spells. Everything from metamorphosis to energy projectiles will be a common occurrence in this world. Also, let’s not discount the fact that there will be screen flooding battles on an epic scale. Seiging castles, teaming up against giant enemies, and even going to battle with other players will play a prominent feature in this game. The map will be vast and there will be all sorts of ways to traverse across certain locations. At its core, this game will indeed be an MMO, but there will also be a story to indulge in along a single-player campaign. Which, by the way, has been totally rewritten with whole new lore compared to the Lineage IP the developers were initially shooting for.

Global Gauntlet

The world of Throne and Liberty will be immense. The main way to travel will be transforming into animals to get around. Things like a panther and eagles are shown in the trailer. Naturally, players will need the right spells to morph into the correct type of animal to move about the land. Everything from sealife to alight creatures can be used for travel. Furthermore, players can even let other players hitch a ride to help them out. Thus, it is shown that players can parkour, climb and grapple across places. Zipping around like Batman through the mountain peaks will surely give this game a new feel to it. There is no doubt that the map will have an intense sense of verticality to it. With deepened chasms, towering cities and erected castles are being placed throughout the world. There will be almost endless avenues to explore on this map that will never remain stagnant.

The weather will be a very important element in Throne and Liberty. The wind, for instance, can actually affect the trajectory of an arrow. Really, a standard sense of physics can be used as a tool in this game. In a wet, rainy environment, using lightning attacks can enhance the damage. It will spread across the area, killing more enemies. Thusly, fire spells won’t work very well within the same scenario. Flooding will also be a factor in this IP. Sewers will flood out, preventing players from sneaking into strongholds. Thus, shallow puddles and their ilk will also be able to slow down forces who are trying to overtake a castle. Weather plays more than just an aesthetic in Throne and Liberty. Players can use it to their advantage in a number of ways.

Might and Magic

The combat in Throne and Liberty appears to be in the more “hack and slash” variety. It may have a slight sense of tactically like the in Dark Souls games, but the swordplay appears to be a bit more rudimentary. Combos, dodges, blocking, and magic attacks all make an appearance in the gameplay trailer. Enemies ranging from dragons, trolls, giant spiders, and golems will be on the roster in this game. Despite the gigantism of some of these enemies, there will be online events where hundreds of players will need to team up and take down one of these foes. Not to mention epic sessions in which players will overrun castles and other strongholds. One scene, in particular, showed a player transforming into a golem and bussing a horde of players on a platform it is holding overhead.

From the looks of things, Throne and Liberty will be played from a third-person perspective. The epic events, however, appear to be zoomed out, giving everything a more RTS look to it. Perhaps, players will be able to adjust the camera during these sessions for a more cinematic feel. As of right now, things are yet to be confirmed. There will definitely be a PVP component to this game, which has always been the main selling point with NCSOFT. Although this game has had a turbulent development cycle, there is no doubt that the developers have a clear vision for it. There are still quite a few things yet to be unveiled for this title and it is actually coming out sooner than most people realize. This game is an ambitious project, for sure. With a strong community, there is a lot of potential that this world can go on forever. Hopefully, the developers will drop a hefty gameplay trailer soon to lay out all the intricate details on how this game will play.

Sword and Stone

As of right now, NCSOFT is staying pretty much on the down-low on the development of this game. The most recent gameplay trailer does provide a fairly good insight on what to expect. This game is expected to game out soon, but an exact date hasn’t been locked in quite yet. There is no doubt that Throne and Liberty can have years of life behind it if a solid community gives it a chance and the developers stay on the ball. When it does launch, Throne and Liberty will be available for PC, PS5, and also Andriod.


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