This Week In Movie Trailers!


Welcome to March, everyone! And more importantly, welcome to This Week In Movie Trailers!

I’ve heard by multiple people (I really hope they are crazy or just full of it) that we are going to have a very cold March and April. If this is the case, we definitely need some movies to look forward to in order to get through these dark, grim times. So, what do we have this week then? Well, we have one biggy that’s for sure, one of which involves explosions I’m sure. Which of these will YOU be checking out? Let’s find out!


Why is Cameron Diaz’s acting particularly horrible in this movie? Can she even deliver a line without grinning? Is she trying extra hard to suck or something? What is this even? This looks terrible even for the correct demographic. Next.

The Double

I’m no Jesse Eisenberg fan, but this looks pretty good.


Not sure what to make of this horror film. Some scenes look great other look incredibly bad. Let’s wait and find out shall we!

Transformers: Age of Extinction

I remember when the first Transformers film was announced and how insanely excited I was: boyhood dream come true! Yes! Now, it’s more like “Oh, another Transformers film. OK. I want a hamburger.” I guess they are trying to re-invent the series with this one, but it looks like more of the same thing to me. I hope I’m wrong though, because I really want to like it again, which I haven’t really since the first one.

The Den

I don’t know.

13 Sins

Wow, this is a pretty unique take on a horror movie (I think?). Really looking forward to this! How much would it take for YOU to saw off a man’s hand? 78 dollars?!

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