A Supremely Badass Gallery of Joker and Batman Promo Photos for The Dark Knight

You know, I thought at this point we’d be all out of official The Dark Knight stuff to post, this many years later, but here we are. Perhaps this has been around for some time, but it was just sent to me and definitely the first time I’ve seen it.

It’s enormous (60+) picture gallery that has Bale and Ledger in costume making all sorts of poses as Batman and the Joker. Batman tries to look as non-goofy as you can while wearing a full batsuit by yourself on a white background, while the Joker tries to look as goofy, and scary, as possible. Above, he’s almost got a Willy Wonka feel to him.

I highly recommend checking out the full gallery below. Sorry it’s in “gallery mode” but there was no way I was posting 60 pictures all lined up in a row.

Middle click on each picture to open in a new tab.

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