Batman Begins: He Fights for Family, and Lives for Love

At first I thought this was one of those “If Batman Begins was an ABC Family original movie” videos where it’s recut in a funny way. Then I realized it’s the actual promo for the movie which is now airing on the channel.

I’m not begrudging them the ridiculous cut. I understand they’re trying to repackage the way in a movie that appeals to teenage girls and their moms, but it’s pretty hilarious to watch them do so.

“He fights for family” seems to forget that his family is dead, and “He lives for love” is inaccurate unless by love you mean JUSTICE.

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  1. “he lives for life and fight for family… err well except his family is all dead, he’s really fucking insane as a result and the only man he has left who resembles anything close to family is forced to watch him destroy himself rather than confront his issues” lol I’d love to see them try the dark knight.

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