This Coffee Table Has a Little Something Extra

There are some people who look at coffee tables and think to themselves “put magazines on and have a place to rest my feet and remote.”   And then there are others with a more creative mind who want to not only have a coffee table but essentially have what they might need for an entire day.

Perhaps a work station.  Perhaps a place to eat and store food?  You just never know.  Well, in this case someone decided that a coffee table could also double as a computer.  Check out his design steps in photos after the jump!

Thanks to Hank Mardukas for the pics

Just starting out as a normal slab of wood in a man’s garage….

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  1. Execution didn’t turn out very well, It’s okay but there’s no mouse room and if you’ve ever used a laptop on the coffee table you’d know your back would be sore in a few minutes.

  2. Cool concept, extremely poor execution. He had the right idea but didn’t think about the fact that a living human being has to use this equipment. Basically, too much work went into that thing for how bad it came out.

  3. I have to agree with most of the previous posts as well though I know of a couple rather easy ways to fix this. Reverse the monitor, turn the entire unit around, add a few hinges in the right place and have a sliding panel, this time on the right side near the monitor for keyboard placement and mouse though I would probably add a mousepad section over part of the glass. And since this would not be utilized by anyone not sitting on the floor anyway for fear of hunchback syndrome, add some oriental style trimming to cover those horrible joints with a few random other Japanese style trimmings to give it that nice pre-20th century Japanese antique feel.

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