They’re Making a Calvin and Hobbes Movie! Errr, Documentary

I’ve been sitting here attempting to think up some stupid analogy like “Calvin in Hobbes is to comics as Arrested Development is to TV,” but really, it’s another level past that. Bar none, there is no greater comic strip in history than Calvin and Hobbes, and really, almost nothing else even comes close. Furthering the legend is the reclusiveness of artist and author Bill Watterson, who doesn’t give interviews and never allowed Calvin and Hobbes merchandise to be sold.

I briefly got scared when I read the headline about a Calvin and Hobbes movie (Logan Lerman as Calvin! Hobbes voiced by Johnny Depp!), but rather it’s a documentary about the impact of the comic called “Dear Mr. Watterson.” From the trailer above, it appears to be a love letter to the man about the comic, as stars, other comic strip writers and regular people share what it meant to them. As cool as this is, one thing it will probably not contain is any footage featuring Mr. Watterson himself.

It’s a cool idea, though I’m not exactly sure how you film an entire documentary based on fan love alone. But I’m willing to find out.

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  1. Documentaries on fan love are actually decent. There’s a great one to catch on Netflix called “Done The Impossible” all about Firefly fans. Well worth a watch!

  2. While im sure this is going to be 90 mins of “I LOVE THIS STRIP” im going to be sitting there for 90 mins just smiling. sure this wont be some amazing documentary with some good insightful thoughts, but cool is cool and calvin and hobbes are nothing if they are not cool

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