That Guy Actor of the Week: Barry Corbin

How in the world have we not posted Barry Corbin yet?  Something tells me we did like 3 years ago but man that’s just way too long to not mention the guy.  Besides he probably wasn’t mentioned in the “That Guy” section.  It was probably when this site was less organized.

I bring up Barry because it had been years since I saw the guy and then poof!  He popped up in the show Modern Family as Merle Tucker (Cam’s dad).   For those of you who don’t know Barry, he’s great at playing the “man’s man” role.  He’s got a great Southern Accent, bad teeth, and a demeanor that’s simply perfect.

I personally loved the guy as a warden in Stir Crazy but he’s been in so many movies it’s tough to pinpoint where I liked him best.   Other notables that he appeared in that I was a fan of include Nothing in Common, and Who’s Harry Crumb.  Check out a clip of Corbin after the jump

Here he is as Ellis in No Country for Old Men

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  1. He was the best thing in the first two episodes of the new Charlie Sheen Show, Anger Management. Love this guy since Northern Exposure.

  2. He’s great in the Lonesome Dove mini series. He plays Roscoe Brown, the lovable dimwitted deputy of an Arkansas town. Great pick for a “That guy” article.

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