The World is Ending: Aperture Making Daleks

What happens when the most evil machine on earth combines with the most evil machine in space? You get Aperture Daleks, probably the most dangerous pieces of metal in all the universe.

Yes, yes, I know it’s just a suit with a gross little thing in it. I’m totally halfway through season three of Doctor Who. In any case, I think there should definitely be an Aperture Science themed episode where something like this happens. Can you imagine the Doctor and his companion being run through “test” by them? Simply fantastic.

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  1. Are you seriously watching Dr. Who? The new one? Cause I am exactly halfway through the third season as well, that is totally creepy. I miss Rose……

  2. Really Josh? I’m halfway through the SECOND season of new Who and i realize that that part of the show is a few years old now but can you not even be bother to put a spoiler tag?

  3. there is an episode in the one of the most recent seasons that reminds me of aperature science if it were a demented hospital when you see the the red waterfall you’ll know you watching it

  4. @tycen

    there’s no spoilers here. You found out what the daleks were in season one, not to mention i’m sure dozens of times in the old series. Unless of course you were unaware there was a season 3

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