The Office Cast That Could Have Been

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The Office is now drawing to a close after nine years on the air, and the cast is starting to get a bit sentimental, Rainn “Dwight” Wilson recently post this picture to Facebook which shows the original sign-in sheet for the first day of casting for the American remake of the British show. On it is his own name (he was also auditioning for Michael. Ironic, given the character he eventually played) and Jenna Fischer as well.

But that’s not all. We also get a look at the cast that COULD have been, had the producers decided to go another direction. We could have seen Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott as Jim, 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub as Pam and Firefly’s Alan Tudyk as Michael. Holy hell, that would have been a different show.

I’ve assembled a complete list of the actors who might have been below for you to check out in case you can’t read that handwriting or place their names. Check it out.

 Adam Scott (Jim)

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Matt Price (Dwight)

matt price

Matt Besser (Dwight)

matt besser

Mary Lynn Rajskub (Pam)

mary lynn rajskub

Jim Zulevic (Michael)

jim zulvic

Jarett Grode (Dwight)

jarret grode

Hamish Linklator (Jim)

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Ever Carradine (Pam)

ever carradine

Bill Chott (Michael)

bill chott

Ben Falcone (Michael)

ben falcone

Anne Dudek (Pam)

anne dudek

Alan Tudyk (Michael)

alan tudyk

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