The Weirdest Avengers Reaction So Far

I’m not 100% sure when we’re allowed to stop doing Avengers posts but I had to share this ridiculous conversation.   Whether this is real or not isn’t really something that I’m concerned with.   What concerns me is that two girls at the age of eight are even having a discussion like this.   It just goes to show you where our society is at.

The whole dad thing at the end is simply a bonus.   Hopefully the guy was just being funny.  If not, whatever.  Can you blame him?  Captain America IS cute!  Hahaha.

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  1. Long, longtime reader of this site… just wondering if anyone else was thinking ‘what the hell is this?’ when they saw this post.

    You guys are better than this, moderately amusing screenshot of a conversation that may or may not have taken place?

  2. Um, Where our society is at? You’re kidding right? Have you never heard what little girls talk about? Have you ever had sisters or even daughters? Little girls (girls in general) have always talked about stuff like this since the beginning of time. It’s one of the quirks that make girls girls. They start discussing what boys they like and how cute they are at a very young age. Always have, always will.

  3. if we’re judging by that conversation, our society is at the same spot its been for decades.

    also, dad seems pretty funny.

    if i overheard that conversation i wouldve laughed along with them.

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