Making the Incredible CGI Snow of Disney’s Frozen

I’m not too terribly excited for Disney’s Frozen with its talk snowmen and reindeer acting like dogs, but it seems there’s going to be at least one solid reason to show up. The CGI. Specifically, the snow CGI.

While the characters themselves aren’t anything too revolutionary in the space, the snow is a different aspect altogether. Animators have been trying to perfect element effects for years, usually water, but as you can see above, snow is a much more interesting case.

Get past the science talk of the first minute or so, and you’ll find a lot of cool demos about how they make all different kinds of snow, and make it do all different kinds of things. This is some of the most impressive animation work I’ve ever seen, to be completely honest.

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  1. Wow.

    On a more positive note, I keep hearing that Disney’s pulling the old Tangled stunt of only showing the bad parts in the trailer. Maybe they’ll bring out another surprisingly solid movie.

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