A Hayao Miyazaki Reunion

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If you’re not a Hayao Miyazaki fan, then what the hell is wrong with you? The man is the Walt Disney of Japan, but his films are less fluff and more art than any princess themed adventure his American counterpart has put out over the years.

An intrepid Japanese fan put together this piece of art that shows some of his most memorable characters having a party together. I challenge you to name everyone in this picture, because I sure as hell can’t. I thought I was a big fan, but I’m pretty sure I can’t even place half of these characters. Can you?

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  1. I can name the movies if not the characters

    Porreo Rosso
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    My neighbor Totoro
    Princess Mononoke
    Spirited away
    Kiki’s delivery service (the guy in red suspenders)

    If the characters were underage they aren’t in the photo. The only characters I can’t seem to pin down are the old man with white hair – beard and mustache, and the one with a red cap(he is familiar but I can’t remember from where!)

  2. @Izzy – I think the old man with the beard is from Princess Mononoke, but thats it. I cant remember exactly who he is or if he is even in that movie at all.

  3. Totoro isnt in there but the Dad from the movie is (also cat bus poster). Pretty sure the old man with the beard is the hermit miner in Laputa, aaand the old man with the red cap is from Princess Mononoke he is the greedy monk.

  4. Is there anybody from Whisper of the Heart in there?

    lol it looks like Howl is getting too drunk and either just touched Sophies butt or whispered something in her ear.

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