Dimensions in Fiction as Assumed by Fictional Brands


At present, films that link together are at the center of the geeky universe. Marvel have of course led the charge with this, with multiple films crossing over in recent years, creating their own dimension (the MCU) in the process. More obscure connections have also been created, with talks of a 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover (a concept film that I still have difficulty imagining how it would work…), which would place these two films in the same universe.  Without crossover films, dimensions can be pretty tricky to work out, but thankfully some films have used the same fictional brands within them, allowing assumptions to be made. Some are obvious, such as the brand Pizza Planet appearing in multiple Pixar Films (although unfortunately the business didn’t make it past the apocalypse, as shown in WALL-E). Another example is the food product ‘Big Kahuna Burger’, which has featured in numerous Quentin Tarantino films, suggesting that these again fall into the same universe.


Fictional brands also create very surprising dimensions that shows fall into, with different brands creating a chain that link countless shows into one large dimension. Now bear with me, some of these suggestions are ludicrous, but from these different brands which appear in different shows it all makes sense. At the start of the chain is one key show, namely Lost. Let’s start from the basics, in this show a plane from the brand Oceanic Airlines crashes onto an island in the middle of nowhere, leading to all hell breaking loose. This airline also appeared however in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where it almost crashed, showing the quality of the service yet again. The crash could potentially be explained (but not proven) by numerous alcoholic products that just happened to appear on the deserted island. The correlation is hardly a coincidence, and likely the pilots of this airline were off their tits on booze when they crashed. One of the beers that does appear in Lost is the brand Heisler Beer, which is where it gets interesting… This beer product also featured in Brooklyn 99, Malcolm in the Middle and Heroes. It also appeared in Star Trek (set phasors to ‘drunk’, anyone?) showing that even a few hundred years in the future, the beverage was still a popular one. Back in the relatively present-time however, it is safe to now assume that all these shows are part of the same dimension. Heroes and Lost actually do share a lot of brands between them. Gannon Car Rentals and Morley Cigarettes feature in both shows, making it a safe assumption that the two are part of the same world. This is indeed troubling however, I mean why didn’t the heroes go and save them, or defeat DHARMA?


Once all the connections between the fictional brands and programs have been worked out, we can then start to look and see other links. Morley Cigarettes appear in countless shows (over 60), and so by that logic they all have to be part of one dimension. These cigarettes appeared in Breaking Bad for instance, which also features the search-engine Finder-Spyder. This shows not only that the two brands are linked, but any show that features one of them is related to shows that feature the other. Indeed, this is not only between these two brands. If you look at the below infographic, you can see numerous other links. In fact, any brand that isn’t part of a studio, shares the same director or is the Ghostbuster number, actually has a pathway to any show shown below, suggesting that there is one ‘ultimate film dimension’ out there; which is a pretty cool idea!

So what actually is happening? Is this the creation of a super film dimension where everything from Star Trek to Dexter are somehow related? Naturally, these brands are just recycled props used in television/film studios around the world, meaning that sometimes they reappear in shows that they weren’t intended for. The infographic within this article shows all the links that were possible to find, but there are surely way more out there. Although not intended, it seems like Hollywood has created a dimension where countless shows co-exist together, and let’s be fair, it sounds like one fun, yet screwed-up universe.


Infographic via Fivesquid

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