The Five TV Essentials on Thanksgiving Day

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?  I for one find it to be one of if not the best holidays out there.  We do nothing but stuff our faces, watch television and pass out.  What more can you possibly ask for?

Although in this economy I feel it’s gonna be tough doing the “what I’m thankful for” speeches.  But seriously folks.  Be happy you’re alive and reading this site right now.

And enjoy the holiday.  But before you do, take this Thanksgiving TV advice…..

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

If you’re not watching this 1973 classic then you’re really not celebrating Thanksgiving.  Hell I even put this ahead of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Why?  Because you don’t really have to watch the whole parade, just some of it.  But damned if you don’t watch all of Charlie Brown.  

Thanksgiving Day Parade

No Thanksgiving would be complete without attending or at least watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  I swear every time I watch it I always think of myself as a kid.  It’s the one time of year where I truly do feel like a kid.  Remember the Woody Woodpecker float?  The Snoopy float?  As long as they don’t have a Justin Bieber float I’ll be happy.


I don’t care if you hate football you have to watch it on Thanksgiving.  If anything that’s the program you fall asleep to.  The game is always on during or after dinner and it’s the perfect thing to watch as the tryptophan kicks in.

Movie  Marathons

I used the general term “movie” here because I’m not one to suggest anything specific.  We all have our own taste but you definitely have to watch some kind of movie marathon.  I prefer the Bond marathon or better yet Rocky’s 1 through 6.  You gotta love that.   By the time Rocky IV ends I’m usually passed out.

Old School Sitcom Marathons

This is a great chance to have another “when you were a kid” moment.  While it’s very rare you might actually get lucky and have a Wonder Years marathon.  Usually I’d go with Brady Bunch though.

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  1. This year will be easy for me. There is a Mythbusters marathon on Thanksgiving and I love the show. I’ll probably skip everything on this list except for the rare glances at whatever movie series there is a marathon on.

  2. For some reason, the History Channel is having an “Ancient Aliens” marathon on from 9am to 10pm with a new episode coming on at 9pm.
    And then there’s a “MythBusters” marathon on from 9am to 7pm.
    On TV Land there’s an “I Dream of Jeannie”, then “Bewitched”, then “Roseanne” marathon.

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