The Most All-Encompassing Sci-Fi Mural Ever

Maybe someday when Unreality grows to be as big as IGN (it’ll happen with your help!), we can get an awesome artist to come and paint a mural in our office hallways. And maybe we’ll even HAVE an office! That would be something.

Jim Mahfood painted this epic sci-fi collage for IGN, and it’s one of the cooler thing I’ve ever seen decorate an office. There are creatures and characters from all over the sci fi universe, and you’ll have to see the full gallery of the individual pieces to find them all, which you can check out below.

See if you can name all the characters present. I’ve posted a list of all the ones found so far at the bottom.

Daft Punk, Tron, a classic Cylon, Ash Williams, Lion-O, Samus, Eric Cartman, Spider-Man, Mr. T, a xenomorph, RoboCop, the Undertaker, ALF, a Smurf, Big Bird, the Predator, Beetlejuice, Snake Eyes, Optimus Prime, Batman, Jason Voorhees, Master Chief and loads of Star Wars characters. Guess “sci-fi” is kind of a loose definition.

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