Popeye the Beast

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I haven’t watched Popeye as a kid when he tried to make me think that eating vegetables was as good as taking steroids. Well, it didn’t work, and I’ve never forgiven him since.

But he does have a few fans out there including animator Lee Romoa. Lee is a pro CGI artist and composed this extremely awesome rendition of Popeye that makes him ten times the badass he ever was in the cartoon.

Sure, he’s got his signature anchor tattos, but as a sailor, he’s got more than that. He has a few of his famous quotes, along with a tribute to his lady love, Olive Oil. Check out more pictures of the render below:

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  1. I’m pretty sure Joe just meant to point out just how glaring it becomes when you render the guy in a more realistic art style. Cartoon Popeye is just Popeye. Realistic render Popeye is a freaky mutant.

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